About us
We believe that the environmental situation on planet Earth can be changed for the better! We feel that by publishing information and knowledge about problems and their solutions, about people and about projects working in the fields of ecology, technology, education, scientific and charitable activities, we contribute to our unification and, as a result, we go to the solution of all environmental problems through a common understanding that man is not alone, but is part of a great ecosystem.
Articles and materials
We create an information resource where thinkers and entrepreneurs, volunteers and inventors, leaders and investors, startups and business, ideas and projects, problems and their solutions meet. We help to create large, thoughtful and deep articles and materials for those who are already conducting or would like to carry out activities in the field of ecology and charity, as well as disseminate information about their work, trying to convey it to the whole world.
The calendar
We have created a calendar of environmental, technological, charitable and simply interesting events, into which any project dedicated to these areas can add its event. Each event receives a separate page where it can place all the important information, links to the event, to register for the event, as well as links to partners and sponsors of the event. Everyone can subscribe to the entire calendar or to a specific event, connecting it with his Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Outlook, Timely and others.
Our friends and partners